Why Invest

Environmentally proactive

Investing in tropical forestry offers an opportunity to contribute to the lasting recovery of nature.

Revenue Growth

The worldwide increasing demand for wood will result in further price increase. Because of the long growth cycles, the supply of tropical hardwood cannot be expanded rapidly.

Hedge Against Inflation

Timber prices tend to follow inflation; harvests can be delayed when timber prices are down; larger diameter trees are disproportionately more valuable than smaller ones.

Risk Diversification

Historically, wood prices do not follow stock markets.

The ASF Impact Numbers – Profitability

Brazil is the largest exporter of soybeans in the world. The industry attracts billions of dollars in capital. However, when compared to reforestation, soybeans present a less attractive return for a higher capital intensive business. 

The Opportunity

  • The Amazon forest is huge: 420,000,000 ha.
  • About 50% is privately owned.
  • This land can still be acquired by ASF and thus protected from destruction at very favorable conditions: we already have options to purchase  1,100,000 ha.
  • Although the Forest Code limits control ownership to Brazilians, ASF has developed a legal structure by which foreigners can also become owners.
  • ASF has created special purpose vehicle, which allows for a foreigner to acquire up to 49 % of the forestland, while still being in full compliance with Brazilian law.

The Structure