Porto Brasil Farm

The Porto Brasil Farm represents an example of how we plan to develop all our farms: 80% of the area will be devoted to sustainable harvesting and 20% to reforestation.  

Porto Brasil is one of a collection of farms  (10-20 ) that will make up the Porto Brazil Cluster. The farms in the aggregate will comprise 250,000 hectares. 

  • 590 hectares harvested every year under a Sustainable Harvesting Plan
  • 160 hectares harvested every year under a Reforestation Plan
  • 26,620 m3 timber harvested per year
  • 4,728 trees harvested per year (5.63 m3/tree est.)
  • 240,000 trees planted per year (160 ha x 1,500 trees)

We plant 51 trees for every tree we harvest.